Sleds for pushing and pulling workouts

No one will deny Sleds are a great workout and pushing or pulling a sled can be brutal. Especially if you’re using them as a finisher after your workout. The question is which sled do you get?Best sled for pushing or pulling in your workout

Just a quick look on Google, or Amazon, or Ebay, and you can quickly be over whelmed with the variety of sleds available to add to your workout.

The Prowler is great and Rogue sleds are awesome. But this may be the best in terms of value for your buck. This is a heavy duty well made sled built to last.

Best Sled for your workout Get it Right HERE

  • The CoreX Functional Fitness Sled changes everything. The sled has been designed from the ground up for a wide range of functional fitness exercises. It features an integrated, heavy duty, front wheel that engages when the sled’s rear is raised by around 20 inches enabling barrow exercises. If the rear is not raised, it functions the same as a regular sled with the front ski grounded.
  • The wheel also facilitates better cross country Wheel Barrow sled workperformance acting as a buffer that can barge the front ski over rocks, dips, sticks, etc.
  • Of course, the sled can be used as a regular sled too with all three skis grounded with the wheel unobtrusively 1 3/4 inches off the ground during regular use.
  • The front push bar is welded on, making for a secure, raked back design ideal for pushing from the front or rear. Three push poles can be loaded with bumper plates simultaneously, as opposed to the usual two poles for most sleds.


Great sled and tire workout.